At this point of time, I can safely claim that I am a self-cooked man (still under process), molded by confluences of experience that truly forged my present life. You might consider me as per your assumption but I am more than that. I am strong, I am determined, positive, patient, ambitious, versatile, pleasing, respectful, and decent but fun loving, I am a man with prevision, I am in my full capacity.​​

I, as a human with innate frailties & strengths, thrive for personal burgeon as well as to contribute to society. Basically, ​I am a Philomath.  I have triumphed in some of the battlefields of life but sometimes I have been toppled down by some predicaments and challenges. Nevertheless, it is with much pride that I rise every time I fall. I believe that it is I who can help me out of the dilemma and difficulties. 

In the midst of the complexities of life, I am tough and optimistic. I just accept that in every problem, trial and hardship, there is a solution, ease and consolation. I have learned from the different adversities that came my way and I’m thankful for they have molded and enhanced my idiosyncrasy to be a better person. 

Yes, I may consider myself a better individual now; nevertheless, I can’t regard myself a whole person. My life is not yet complete for I have been chasing my elusive dream, cannot mention here. I myself believe that there’s no absolute happiness in this magical world and it can’t be obtained by dreaming but it can be attained by resorting to ways and means. I have to realize that complete happiness can be found within me by doing good, by being passionate in everything I do and most of all, by having faith in God who always crowns one’s efforts.

Indeed, if I am able to hurdle the struggles of life and if I am able to do the tasks expected on me by the Supreme Being & by the laws on the land, it’s an opportune time to be happy and relish in pleasant ways the bounties of life. Nevertheless, whatever life may bring, I will always hold on to this notion: 
I, Prashant K Mishra, am grateful to God for gifting this life which is good and beautiful!

"You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough"